• Seth Petchers
    "As an industry leader, Frontier still saw a payback from our ISBF membership immediately. Networking at a quarterly roundtable, we were able to find a recycling solution that saved us almost $20,000"
    Seth Petchers
    Sustainable Supply Chain Mgr
    Frontier Co-op
  • Michele Fritz
    "Because of ISBF, Principal was able to make a direct contact at a roundtable and schedule a visit to tour the sustainability program of another Iowa business we had been trying to reach"
    Michele Fritz
    Real Estate Asset Manager
  • Michele Boney
    "ISBF offers a chance to share our successes with other Iowa businesses. West Liberty Foods is proud of earning Landfill-Free™ Verification, and we enjoy teaching others how we did it because that helps the whole state."
    Michele Boney
    Director EHS
    West Liberty Foods
  • Jennifer McCoy
    "Being an ISBF member helps Meredith continue improving our sustainability efforts. Networking and sharing helps all of us keep learning, fine-tuning existing programs and processes, and creating new ones"
    Jennifer McCoy
    Dir. of Corp. Communications
    Meredith Corporation
  • Eric Biederman
    "I was able to attend the business tour in Ames, taking my staff from building services and marketing with me. It was a great opportunity for Casey's to learn about different sustainability projects and see them in action"
    Eric Biederman
    Energy & Sustainability Manager
    Casey's General Stores
  • Preston Nibaur
    "At our first roundtable, I got great ideas to launch our waste reduction and cost-savings plan. Members shared a free assessment servers and "low-hanging fruit" we could tackle first to help get leadership buy-in"
    Preston Nibaur
    Sr. Environmental Technician
    Wells Enterprises-Blue Bunny


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Leadership Members

Any size business interested in taking a leadership role in driving the direction of the association, fulfilling the mission and vision of the association, and contributing annual dues of $3,500 or more, in exchange for access to all programming provided by the association, recognition and promotion as a Leadership Member, and a reserved position on the Board of Directors.

A majority vote by the Board is required for approval to meet intention of the Code of Conduct, and also will determine voting or non-voting advisory status, and should the original designated representative leave the member business during their tenure on the Board, a majority vote will be needed for approval of their replacement representative and voting status.


Business Members

Any size business interested in fulfilling the mission and vision of the association, and contributing annual dues defined below based on their employee count in Iowa, in exchange for access to all programming provided by the association, recognition and promotion as a Business Member.

  • $250 for fewer than 100 employees
  • $500 for fewer than 1,000 employees
  • $750 for fewer than 5,000 employees
  • $1,000 for fewer than 10,000 employees
  • $2,000 for greater than or equal to 10,000 employees


Academic Members

Any size college, university, or educational institution with faculty or staff focused on sustainability interested in fulfilling the Mission and Vision of the association, and contributing annual dues of $250, in exchange for access to all programming and resources provided by the association, and recognition and promotion as an Academic Member.


Membership Qualifications

Membership is open to all organizations except government or quasi-governmental (Section 115). Member services are targeted to for-profit businesses in Iowa implementing practices within their own operations (e.g. manufacturing, retail, professional services). All members sign a membership application, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and Code of Conduct. Vendors who sell sustainability services are welcome, and may also be interested in sponsorships opportunities. Contact: info@iowaSBF.org


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Member List

By joining this problem-solving network, you'll have a confidential, invitation-only forum for sharing best practices to:

  • American Pop Corn Company
  • Barilla America
  • Big Grove Brewery
  • Casey’s General Stores
  • Chevron Renewable Energy Group
  • CIRAS – Iowa State University
  • CJ Bio America, Inc.
  • Danone North America
  • Dickson Industries, Inc.
  • Dotdash Meredith
  • Frontier Co-op
  • Goodwill of the Heartland
  • Hach Company
  • HNI, Allsteel & HON Company
  • Impact 7G, Inc
  • Kemin Industries
  • Kent Corporation
  • Krause Group
  • McFarland Clinic
  • Mount Mercy University
  • RDG Planning & Design
  • Region XII Council of Governments
  • Ruan Transport Corporation
  • Schupan
  • SGS North America
  • Sky Factory
  • Turner Construction Company
  • UNI – College of Business Administration
  • United Equipment Accessories, Inc
  • Valent Biosciences LLC
  • Vermeer Corporation
  • Voss Distributing LLC
  • Workiva
  • Wright Service Corp.
  • Zimpleman College of Business, Drake University